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  • Are the image URL’s complete URL’s starting with http://, or relative URL’s? You need complete URL’s in a feed.

    All my images in my posts start with:

    <img src=”…

    Not sure what a relative URL is.

    The URL in your feed for the Facebook image that is showing up as a red X in Internet Explorer is

    When I paste that into my browser address bar it comes up with a 404 page not found – the image is not at the URL that is in the feed.

    In WordPress admin, go to Settings / Misc and make sure the upload URL is set to where you actually have the images. If you are not storing images by year and month then turn that setting off. However I didn’t find the image at

    Your actual image location is evidently not where WP is looking for your images, or they are no longer on the server.


    Check with this plugin:


    Shane G.

    stvwlf the odd thing is that the image is in that folder ( ) and when I put that url in I also get a 404 – the post has that url as link to image and I double checked in file manager. It appears on my site fine.

    Thanks Shane I installed that plugin and the image appeared for 1st post and when I refreshed it was gone again.

    Could I have installed a security feature that could affect this?


    More than likely something is not allowing direct access of your image as a URL yet allowing it to display as part of a webpage. Do you have hotlinking prevention turned on in your webhosting control panel? If you do, try disabling it & see if you then can access the image at that URL. If you can’t see the image when you paste its URL in the browser address bar then its not going to work by RSS either, evidently.

    I logged a support call with my web host and have gone around in circles. I disabled the hotlink protection and it did not change it.

    They made some change to my htaccess file and the pictures showed but if I typed – I got a page could not be found. Then when they changed it back so when I typed that url it showed my feed (redirects to feedburner) my pictures don’t show. They then just gave up and said they don’t know what is causing it.

    I am trying to find out what they did to my htaccess file as I am sure that will provide clues.

    One thing I suggest you do is to reset your permalinks.

    In admin go to Settings / Permalinks. Write down what your permalinks are set to now. Then set them to default and save the changes. Check your feed & see if it works & see if your images work.

    If they do, then change your permalinks back to what they were prior to this and check again.

    Resetting the permalinks forces WP to rewrite the htaccess code it requires to run.

    I tried that and still no pictures. From what I can see is my web host renamed my htaccess file and it allowed pictures to show in my feedburner feed but the site feed showed as page not found.

    I have sorted this out now. I added feedburner to my accepted list on hotlink protection and it now works. It is really odd that turning off hot protection link did not work.

    Hi, what kind of hotlink protection plugin are you using?

    I’m using WP hotlink protection and have a similar error…

    I’d like to fix this.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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