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  • I’m surprised no one else is having this same problem. I’ve now tested YaPB with four other photoblog themes with exactly the same result.
    My theme is Eclipse Pro, but YaPB is broken also with Autofocus, Picture Perfect, Modularity Lite and even Grain.

    I’ve switched to using a Photocrati theme because it is much quicker loading than the other themes I’ve tried, but YaPB is still broken. The 1.10.9 upgrade has not helped.

    Yes I am having the same issue as well and can not figure out a solution yet.

    Hi! I too just updated to the latest version of WordPress and YAPB last evening, and since then it is broken – any blog post using YAPB is now showing 3 copies of the images on top before the actual post starts. The post itself, and the contents there in are alright, it is the extra copies of the YAPB image at the top that is a problem.

    Please please somebody provide some help/fix!!

    Very disappointed not to have received any response from the plugin creator. Even a word to say he was aware of the problem but unavoidably prevented from working on it yet.

    And now, as anandsharmav notes, the new version of WP has compounded the problem with multiple unwanted versions of the image before the post.

    I’ve given up on YaPB and am migrating away from it.

    @thesupercargo Have you migrated away yet? I am ready to do that too but would like to know the best way.


    I have exactly the same issue in my photo blog. Turns out that the combination YPAB/Jetpack was the culprit. There seems to be an incompatibility between the both; as soon as I removed jetpack, everything worked flawlessly.

    Has somebody tried contacting the yapb author about this?


    Many thanks Stephan! It worked – I unstalled JetPack and the YAPB works perfectly!

    I have posted on the author’s page but am yet to hear from him yet. Not too sure if he noticed this issue or my comments on his page.

    Nice to find a temporary fix! Thanks stephubik! But I’ve also discovered that YPAB messes with the RSS feed because it has an open tag in the code. So if you are using the plugin you might want to use to make sure your feed is still working.

    Plugin Author jaroat


    Hi all –

    I’m aware that some plugins cause trouble with the YAPB automatic image insertion. This is not a YAPB-problem though, since YAPB just uses a WordPress Standard Hook to insert the image before the content (If automatic image insertion is enabled).

    There’s nothing i can do if another plugin bends that default-wordpress-functionality.

    So everything i can propose (and i’ve done it multiple times):

    Double images?

    (1) Start searching the problem maker by deactivating all plugins except YAPB. If the problem still exists:

    (2) Try the default wordpress theme and have a look if the problem still exists. If yes: Please write me an email and i release a fix.

    (3) If not: Please reactivate your theme.
    (4) If the problem occurs: Contact the plugin author.

    (5) If not: Reactivate one plugin after another and have a look which one causes the trouble.

    (6) Contact the plugin author if he may fix the problem. I’d additionally advice to ask politely, since plugin authors usually don’t demand money and provide you their work for free.

    Hope that helps the next one and
    br from Salzburg,

    – Johannes

    I reverted to Jetpack 1.9.2 for the moment, the break seems to have happened in a following update.

    Johannes : the plugin author is Automatic, not sure they will listen if a small plugin is broken because of them.

    The Jetpack plugin is widely promoted and used, so sadly YAPB has already lost against it…

    (I use the latest YAPB, TwentyEleven, and have tried disabling all other plugins with no effect, I reverted Jetpack step by step until it worked again)

    Plugin Author jaroat


    Hi poussah –

    I recommend googling “wordpress jetpack problem”. There are plenty of wordpresss theme and plugin developers having serious problems with that “widely promoted and used plugin”.

    Seems that even automatic cooks with water: No matter which theme i choose – after activating Jetpack on WP 3.5, the wordpress loop on single templates gets executed three times instead of once as documented and expected. Since YAPB hooks into the filter the_content (which now gets executed three times instead of once), the YAPB image gets inserted/displayed three times.

    Again: YAPB uses standardized WordPress infrastructure. If a plugin breaks that infrastructure: please blame that plugin.

    Sorry for that and
    best regards from Salzburg,

    – Johannes

    Dear Jaroat/Johannes,

    Thanks for finally responding to this thread.

    I appreciate that you created YAPB for love not money and that, like many another plug-in author, you don’t make enough from it to offer fulltime support. It’s a shame, because it’s a really good plug-in… when it works.

    Having looked at it for over a year I was pleased to be able to install it on my new photoblog, and for the six weeks that it worked I was delighted with it. But I don’t have the knowledge of programming to fix problems when they arise, and I don’t have the time or interest to search for solution by trial and error.

    If you’d responded within the first two or three weeks – if only to say you could see there was a problem and you were looking into it – I might have hung on. But without that encouragement, and with my blog looking worse and worse I decided to abandon YAPB.

    I bought the Photocrati theme package and have now migrated all my pictures to that. Photocrati is not free and it does not do all the things YAPB does, nor is it without its problems. But all my questions have been swiftly met and all my problems have been solved within 24 hours of arising. Since completing the migration I’ve felt free to focus on my photography. It was worth the expense.

    If you had offered a ‘pro’ version of YAPB at a comparable price I would have bought it.

    As it is, I wish you (and everyone else who sticks with it) good luck with YAPB. I’m going to mark this topic as resolved now. If anyone wishes to continue the debate they can start a new thread.

    With best regards from Göteborg and,

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