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  • I have been facing this problem for a month now, the image of the post and the SEO details which are entered on the ‘edit post’ page gets removed after a few hours or after a couple of days.

    Problem in detail –

    1. SEO meta data entered in the SEP part in the post edit screen disappears after a few hrs of posting. If you see SEO meta data in the source, it is pulled from the post, it is not what I entered in the field.

    2. Thumbnail image entered in the thumb field in post editing screen (thesis option) disappears some time after publishing the post.

    I am using Thesis template and I have contacted thesis support, here is what they think about this issue –

    something is causing WordPress to lose Custom Fields data when it needs to update the database record for a post; but the Custom Fields functionality itself is not something Thesis has any control over, as it’s a WordPress core feature.

    Please help me in fixing this problem.

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  • What SEO meta data? Is this specific to your theme or a plugin?

    It’s specific to the theme. Thesis has got built-in options for entering SEO details just like all-in-one seo plugin. There are three boxes, one for title, one for meta description and third one for meta keywords.


    Hmm. Okay. Start with turning off all your plugins, then.

    Tried that already. It didn’t worked. 🙁

    Can you manually add Custom Fields to a post and try to save? See if it works outside of Thesis?

    Thanks for the quick replies, I have never done it before, can you tell me what should I write in the ‘value’ option?


    ambloggertest 🙂 It doesn’t matter what you put in, we just want to see if after you hit save, the settings are still there 😉

    Done. The settings are there after pressing the save button.

    Take that info back to Thesis, then. Becuase at this point we’ve determined on your site without ANY plugins, using Thesis, custom fields on their own save just fine, but THESIS managed ones do NOT.

    Simplest answer is it’s a theme issue, and they need to look again.

    Though if YOU made any changes to the theme, like a child theme, undo ’em or turn ’em off.

    The custom fields of the templates are also saved for the time being, but later they just vanish. When wordpress tries to update a table or something the custom fields are erased.

    Another thing which I noticed was, the custom fields from one of my posts got deleted when it received trackbacks, I don’t approve them but the fields got deleted. Later I changed the settings and disabled trackbacks but the problem still persists.

    The custom fields of the templates are also saved for the time being, but later they just vanish

    Are you SURE you turned off all plugins? Do you have any in mu-plugins? Did you go the ultimate route and rename plugins to plugins-old?

    Did you revert any theme changes?

    Yes, turned off for a couple of days and problem was still there. “In mu-plugins?” Not sure. “Plugins-old” – No.

    No I didn’t cause I am not good with programming, I hired someone for customizing the template.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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