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    New to the forum and new to WP. I have been wrapping my head around about how to upload an image into a post. I have read a number of posts here while searching but have not found a solution for my problem. If anyone can point me to a post that has a solution, I ask if you could kindly do so.

    In a nutshell, I can’t get my images to show inside a post. I can upload the images I want to just fine, but I don’t even know how to insert into the post. I tried selecting one of the 3 codes it shows you when you browse and select an image, and pasting it inside the post box, but that just shows the syntax code that I pasted when viewing the blog and no pic. Ive tried dragging the thumbnail inside the post box, which does show the image, but not how I want it. I need it to show the actual size I upload it as.

    Im hoping someone can plz help as I am at wits end here.
    Im using wp 2.3.1 > Latest Version

    Thank You

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  • moshu




    Thanx for the doc moshu. But I still can’t get this to work. They talk about older versions with a little pop up menu that says “send to editor”, or 2.2 that has radio buttons as selections. I have none of these options when I select the pic from the browse/browse all menu. All it shows for me when selecting the pic I want to add is: URL, Thumbnail linked to file and Thumbnail linked to page. All with there own syntax inside. What do I do with these? If I copy/paste inside the post box, it wont show the image on the blog page, just the syntax still. Even if I click insert/edit image from the post box, the pop up that comes up is blank. Should I downgrade to a more stable version of WP or is there an answer to all of this?

    Thank you



    Sorry for being impatient. But I am. Just getting frustrated cause I have 8 more blogs to set up and cannot for the life of me figure this out. You would think it would be easy to show an image in a post and have a link on it.

    I should mention that I am using a theme, which is the ileather theme if that helps. Hoping someone can help me here soon.



    Email me your blog details and I will take a look at what is happening.

    shadow12 gmail

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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