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  • Hello,
    Thanks for creating a very useful plugin!
    I am creating portfolio galleries using your plugin to bulk upload, create portfolio item posts, set categories and set featured images.
    It works great, except one thing: The post IDs generated are out of order sometimes.
    My theme has a portfolio feature that sorts by ID, so some items are out of order.
    For example:
    image_001 = ID 326
    image_002 = ID 327
    image_003 = ID 329
    image_004 = ID 328
    I suppose Bulk Images to Posts creates the ID after processing the images for upload? When I bulk upload sometimes the processing finishes out of order maybe?
    These are just my guesses, but is there anything I can do to ensure the order is correct for future batches? I have to create several portfolio pages like this.

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  • Hi,

    I guess this come from the fact you have image heavier than other, so if image_03 is heavier than image_04, it will be uploaded after. A solution would be to wait for each image to load and upload the next one, but the full import would take much more time.

    Why do you need the post ID to be in a particular order? If you need to reorder them on front and back, you can use a plugin such as Post Type Order ;

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