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  1. mynetdude
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm trying to find a way to make a list of subblogs/groups on a single page called "Blogs" (the page doesn't exist yet). I'm sortof trying to simulate how blogger.com works but only for me as each person can create an unlimited number of blogs and you can see a list.

    To understand more what I'm trying to acheive, you can go to http://www.thenetdude.com where I'm working on it. You'll see the blogs list in the nav bar on the right, this is cool and all but that list will probably get too long!

    I'm also interested in somehow creating a "blog image" I can see that as soon as I create a post entry the title is already available, I don't know if you can write a "description" of it like you can at blogger.com

    I've done a lot of things on my own such as modifying widths, heights, and copying code sniplets and inserting them myself all I need help with is A) the code needed to make the above happen and B) where to put it and the rest I can fairly manage :).


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