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  • Hey all,

    My site is

    Everything was working fine till last week. I believe sometime since then I upgrade to 3.6.1. Today, I was not able to edit, preview or publish a post. I deactivated all my plugins, contacted godaddy (no issues)and I still cant do anything.

    My site is accessible on my mobile and to other friends. But all the computers on my Wifi / LAN have issues. Basically, my site works fine until I try to edit or preview a post, I get the error “Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” on chrome and page cannot load using IE.

    I tried doing a DNS flush, clearing caches, restarting router etc.

    So I downgraded it to wordpress 3.5. And now, my last post is gone!

    I need help with:
    A) How do I recover that post and all the stats associated with it?
    B) How do I get rid of this posting error ?

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  • I forgot to mention, I am able to access my site and the WP dashboard every one minute or so. Everything works fine until I try to edit or preview. Then it crashes again for a minute or so.

    So what is working is:
    Public site access

    What is not working is:
    Old Post is gone
    Cannot Edit, Save or publish posts.

    I reposted the old post, but I still am not being able to add some new posts. No clue as to why I could post the old one but cant save/post my new one.

    I found the error in my logs:

    [Sun Sep 22 18:10:57 2013] [11630831] [fcgid:warn] (9)Bad file descriptor: [client] mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function, referer

    So what I found was that I had to stop saving, previewing and posting one after the other. If I waited a few minutes between each, at least it let me post.

    Im going to try it out this way. If its too cumbersome, Im gonna switch hosts.

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