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  • Hey guys. I’ve got two sites I’m working on that I think need a common solution. <My friend Brandon <Mine

    He’s a photographer. I’m a(n animated) cartoonist, but right now I’m doing a webcomic. We are both interested in using WordPress to showcase our works, but I have yet to find a plugin that really does the job. I’m looking for an extremely customizable gallery plugin. I’ve seen “photoblog” themes, but they turn your site into a slideshow. I’ve seen gallery plugins, but they seem to be designed for larger collections and popup images instead of full posts.

    I’m looking for a relatively autmoated way to create thumbnails for posts. I’d like to assign thumbnails to posts and have the plugin randomly return them. Then, I could embed them into the site (see the sidebar on and have a visual way for people to choose a post. And of course, I’d like the thumbnails to be created based on the images respectively linked to in their individual posts.

    I want additional content with my pictures, so a traditional gallery is problematic for more reasons than the relatively few images I would have to start out with. I’m playing around with ways to integrate a tip jar right now, and I’d also like to add a more… section that explains the philosophy behind the images.

    Anyway, that’s the next phase in making WordPress really work for me. After I get through all these midterms, I’ll have to play around with the available PHP scripts and see if I can make it work. If anybody has any ideas for either gallery or tip jar solutions, I’d love to hear them.


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  • Thanks for the links. Pictorialis appears to be its own thing, and I didn’t really want to screw with my WP install trying to use it. Maybe another night, but I’m not up for it right now.

    Image2Post looked promising, but I don’t quite think it’s what I’m looking for. It seems to be more of a competitor to Exhibit. At first glance, it looked like it had some post integration, but also that it would take extensive theme modification to make it work right. I might play with it later too.

    While I was comparing the two, I found Photopress, which for some reason did not catch my attention before. If I can build an extended version of it, it may work fine. I’d want 3 sizes (thumb, preview, and full), and I’d want the thumb to direct to the post, not the image itself.

    The little bit of playing with it I did gave me the inspiration to think this might work. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the suggestions, and let me know if you think of any more,

    Having played around with some similar things, I found that integrating Flickr is by far one of the easiest and customizable ways to use images; you can create RSS feeds of Flickr tags, which you can use to categorize out your images – then use one of the many RSS aggregators that will turn feeds into posts. The down side is that I suppose ultimately the image will always link back to flickr, but if you set it up where the WP post itself looks like you want it, it shouldn’t be too much of a bother – in fact, it would be a good way to keep the scope of your image content/usage visible to the end-user.

    Also, try searching Sourceforge – I remember seeing several files/projects that involved managing and displaying Web comics, and I’m almost positive one or two of them even specifically wanted to integrate with WP.

    Hmmm. I’m really trying to stay away from external hosting right now. I want everything hosted on my server and I want the thumbs to point to the posts which link to the images.

    Using PhotoPress, I was able to make a random gallery sidebar (

    Between midterms and finishing my next panel (I’m allmmooosstt done), I think I’ve got enough to keep me occupied this week, but I can’t let well enough alone and ignore this kinda stuff, ya know?

    It’s gratifying to see hundreds of hits on these sites, especially when at least half of them aren’t me checking. 😉 I don’t know how much attention people are giving them (they really aren’t ready for primetime yet), but it still makes you feel special. =)

    Thanks for your help. With a quick SF search, I didn’t find any WordPress compatible solutions (most are WP replacements, and I like the community and the extensibility too much to try something less cool), but I’ll look harder later. G’night guys!

    This is the style I was looking for:

    I like the way when you click a button, it goes to a post and not a JPG. I’d like to figure out how to do something like that with my sites. Photopress has allowed me to display random images in the sidebar. Again, you can see a demo here:

    I’m still futzing with it, and I’ve only got one example image posted, which is why the same image is displayed repeatedly.

    Anyway, I’ll be playing with it. Somehow I enabled mediaRSS on yesterday when I was playing with these plugins, so I’m gonna call Yahoo! and figure out what I did.


    I was thinking today that I could do it using WordPress Links (randomizing & limiting them, then adding images). This seems very tedious, but so far seems to be the best solution. Any thoughts?

    Lazy-Gallery is a simple plugin to do what was on gallery. Check out my site at and click on the Lazy Gallery link in the right-hand column.

    It’s a betaversion. New features are added at this moment. Join the forum to find out and give your own feedback.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I looked into Plogger (and also into a WP gallery plugin that was linked from there).

    The perfectionist in me really wants this done right. If there’s no plugin that can do this, I think I’m gonna do it by hand with the Links page, and then try to add the functionality into a plugin if I can.

    Thanks again for everyone’s suggestions. I’m more than happy to try anything anyone reccommends, so keep them coming!

    Nice comic template, I’m using it too..

    Interesting. I’ll have to play with this.

    I think I’m gonna spend a good part of winter break designing Slip-A-Buck. I might try a Flash frontend, or just learn a lot of PHP and do it that way. I’ll let you know in a month (assuming I actually do it =P).

    There are a few deficiencies I see in this solution at-face-value. The first is that it is a theme, rather than a plugin, so it looks like I’d have to adapt my theme to it if I wanted to continue using it. Secondly, it only appears to work for one post at a time and one post per day. Thirdly, it uses dates rather than titels to label the images. Finally, and most importantly, it does not provide thumbnails, either for the RSS feed or the sidebar. What I was looking for was a solution that will allow thumbnails (like on posted in the sidebar to link to posts in WordPress. Come to think of it, this would be very similar to the way Yahoo! syndicates my site (they use thumbnails instead of just slugs when I update my site. For a demonstration, click my user name to the right and then click Add to My Yahoo in the sidebar). Maybe instead of adapting a Archive plugin, a aggregator plugin should be adapted. It could then isolate the image from the site’s own RSS feed and feed it back into an HREF for that post.

    That is a really good idea. I’ll be sure to play with it next time I get a chance.

    Thanks for trying! =)

    Haha, I found an example of what I want to do. Check out Their sidebar on the left is a series of thumbs that link back to the original posts. that’s what I want!

    Great post! Right on track with what I’m wanting, even though its not going to be a webcomic. Have you written the Frederator guys to find out what they are using? Good luck and keep us in the know.

    Thanks. No I haven’t, but I suspect it is not WP (wp-admin doesn’t go anywhere). Over winter break I might be working with the WPFlash guys. If so, be sure that I will include this functionality. 😀

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