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  • Is there a plugin or code that will require a certain format or information in a post instead of free form text? For example, if I wanted each post to be about a book, I would like to require whomever posts to do so in a specific form, like:

    Title: Bla Bla
    Author: Bla Bla
    Publisher: Bla Bla
    Comment: Bla Bla

    Ideally, on the “Write” post page, instead of a large text box, there would be individual fields that the poster fills in. When it is posted, WP would then put it in the proper form.

    Has anyone done something like this?

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  • The easiest way to do this is add quicktags. Search on Google for editing quicktags.js. I would love if someone made a plugin that shows a dropdown menu with premade templates in separate admin window, but so far noone have.

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