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  • I am using a theme I downloaded on my wordpress site and when I post to the site all the editing I do gets messed up. For Example: If I write a post with 2 paragraphs, both tab at the beginning and I’ll throw in some bullets. When I post it to the site it will be all jumbled together. Where can I fix this editing at?

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  • You could try turning-off (uncheck the box) the ‘visual editor’ via Administration > Users > Your Profile or Administration > Profile > Your Profile

    i’m running across the same problem with the visual editor and without. here is a link to the post that im working on:
    when writing it, i have paragraph breaks between sections and once i publish it, the content gets put into one long paragraph. any other ideas?

    I have tried turning off editing and still get the same problem. Everything still jumbles together after going through all the trouble of laying everything out. I think something got messed up in the template. Is there a file in the Theme editor I can check and compare the code from? Where is that editing handled at in the code?

    can u check whats the div selector code before and after <?php get_content(); ?>.. that might be creating this problem.

    Which PHP file is that line of code located in? As you can see on our site the text formatting is messed up along with any Pics or Video we post on the page.

    i am talking about “index.php” actually.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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