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    Hey there! Most of you know I’m pretty new to the WordPress community, heck, I’m new to WordPress altogether! But what I can say is I’m absolutely in love with it! From the moment I installed it on my local server, to reaching the customisation phase I’m currently underway with!

    I have just designed and customised my post entries, however (as n00bish as this may sound), I’m having trouble editing the default post you begin with.

    I’m not using the rich-text editor as I’d like to learn manual formatting. The problem I am having is the way paragraphs are being displayed in the post. I can’t seem to get a linebreak in between each paragraph.

    I’ve tried using the standard tags, as well as adding
    at the end of each paragraph, but the post shows up all as one large chunk of text. If someone could please guide me I would really appreciate it. So far I’ve had nothing but help from this community and hope I may be able to return the favour when I reach a suitable standard.

    Many thanks in advance!

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  • whooami



    its pretty hard to help without seeing what you are asking about, and unfortunately, while I understand some dont like to share the incomplete urls, images dont always do the job.

    As a rule, line breaks ought to be introduced anytime you hit the enter key. That said, hitting enter multiple times wont introduce multiple linebreaks. Thats not how it works, in my experience.

    Styling paragraphs is a whole nother story — the above is structure, NOT style.

    Line height, spacing and whatnot _ought_ to be handled via CSS.

    For instance:

    #main p {
    padding-top: 0px;
    padding-right: 15px;
    padding-left: 10px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    margin-bottom: 0.9em;

    that example sets margins and padding for paragraphs

    #main p{
    font-size: 80%;
    line-height: 1.0em;
    font-weight: normal;
    padding:2px 0 10px 10px;
    margin-top: 2px;
    margin-bottom: 0px;

    There’s another example thats doing a little more.. handling relative font size, and line-height.

    its worth noting that while many WordPress sites might have different looks to their paragraphs, chances are theyve accomplished those differences using CSS. Thats the beauty of style, to sound really really hokey.

    Many thanks for such a quick reply, whooami. It’s much appreciated.

    I’ve uploaded two screenshots, as I’m not too sure how to properly explain my problem. As you said, hitting enter should automatically insert a break, however this doesn’t seem to be the case, which is where I’m left confused.

    The first screenshot shows how I would like my posts to look, and the second showing how they look upon posting without using the rich-text editor.

    Formatted Post:

    Unformatted Post:




    how are you achieving the first screenshot?

    Got it working! I realised it was possible using the ‘margin-bottom:0.9em;’ line from within your first code snippet.

    Thanks once again! n__n




    your welcome 🙂

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