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    i noticed that if i use the “status” post format and give the post a title and content in the body, on the home page it shows both the title and the body content. Is the intention to use the title area to fill in the status and leave the body area blank?


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  • Hello,

    Could you specify clearly what your intention ? Maybe you show us on image .


    If you go to my site and look at the first post you’ll see what I’m talking about. I put the post title in all caps and the post content in regular type to accentuate the difference. My preference is to not have a separate post title along with the post content. Of course, I can just put the “status” content in the post title. I’m just wondering if that is the idea in the design or if its something that would be adjusted.

    sorry for not closing the link 😉

    again, my question is in regards to using the post format “status”. Obviously with every other post format is this not an issue – you want to see a title above the content. As a “status” however, it looks a little strange to have the title and the content running into each other like they do, or even to have a title shown above the status at all.

    of course, I completely appreciate this awesome design and the functionality! No complaints here – just a question as to the intent of the design.

    You should go to inc file in the theme folder. You will see there post-formats.php. Open this file. Go to line 110. When you see there like that.

    function eighties_post_format_status_filter_the_content( $content ) {
    	if ( get_post_format( get_the_ID() ) !== 'status' ) {
    		return $content;
    	$content = get_the_title() . ' ' . get_the_content();
    	return $content;
    add_filter( 'the_content', 'eighties_post_format_status_filter_the_content' );

    Just remove these lines. But the post title won’t appear anymore. If you want post title to appear: you should go to content-status.php file in theme folder. Open it. And then just paste below codes on above of line 19:

    <header class="entry-header">
    		<?php the_title( '<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="' . esc_url( get_permalink() ) . '" rel="bookmark">', '</a></h2>' ); ?>
    		<!-- <p class="entry-meta entry-meta-time">
    			<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" rel="bookmark"><i class="fa fa-clock-o"></i><?php echo eighties_get_time_difference( get_the_date( 'Y-m-d H:i:s' ) ); ?></a>
    		</p> -->
    	</header><!-- .entry-header -->

    That did it! Thanks, burakkaptan!

    Hello WPressers, Mr. Kopepasah

    Recently I used the eighties theme for my personal lifestyle blog which I do like a lot ! Thanks Kopepasah for the great job!
    However I do not have an advanced php or CSS editor code-knowledge and I’m struggling to add or change the easiest things even after googling for hours and even days I couldn’t find an answer on all my questions. I would like to have some help for next points on my website

    1. how to publish ‘type of post (video,image, etc..), date & author’ to a post (just like the eighties demo)
    2. how to publish posts on homepage with the info pointed in 1.
    3. when I create a new post in with the image-format, it doesn’t show up in full picture/text mode as other posts on my homepage. every time I need to change the format to ‘standard’ …then it works…strange
    4. my post header is perfect in size on the homepage but once on the category page seems there is less space between the character….how do I change this? (on the mobile version you will see exactly what I mean)
    5. the instagram & pinterest button picture doesn’t appear in my social menu like my other social media buttons, however I’ve made the same input as the other social links
    6. How do I change the paragraph width? …I would like do to the same on

    I really hope someone could help me ASAP as I see some questions aren’t treated at all or just months after, grrrr 😉

    Thanks anyway for you time.
    Khôsy Lifestyle


    Could a moderator please help me? I would like my url & post removed here

    If anyone could help, would really appreciate it.


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