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    We are working with the latest WordPress 3.6 beta and making effort to keep up with the changes. Until now we have been working on CSV 2 POST itself we’ve never really had time to pull away from our own task list and work with the WordPress beta.

    We have also been developing the plugin on WordPress 3.5.2.

    Post Format
    The latest WordPress brings us a new Post Format feature and a great feature it is. It allows themes to style posts based on the format and the formats are standard. So when changing theme, we can expect posts to be presented and styled in a suitable format.

    CSV 2 POST already offers options for post formats. Even the free edition includes the ability to apply a post format to all auto-blogged posts. This could be handy and its free. Well not so free if you remember to give us a much needed donation 🙂

    Paid edition will offer a menu that allows us to select a column that holds a mix of post types. I’m not really sure how often this will be used as data sets will probably be grouped in a way that only one format applies. However if someone is migrating from another content management system it may come in handy.

    Post Tags into Post Format
    One potential upgrade in the premium edition is the ability to apply post format based on tags or keywords. This would be dynamic and so will require a bit of work.

    How many bloggers might have been using tags such as “A Video”, “My Videos”, “Videos”, “YouTube Videos”, “YouTubes”, “BlipTV” ???

    All of these example tags would allow us to apply the “video” post format. To take the idea further, we could automatically extract the video embed script and remove it. We could then use the new video embed shortcode to re-add the video, giving more control over all videos on the blog.

    These are just ideas, things we can do.

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