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  • I’m starting this new topic just in case someone else is looking for the same answer so I apologize in advance for the “nagging”.

    I changed my thumbnail size for the featured images in the footer to:

    #content .hfeatures img {

    So they no longer look stretched. Now I’m wondering about image quality. The pictures look pretty blurry or pixelated. Is there anything that can be done to lessen this?

    Thank you!

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  • Your originals are only 150×150 pixels. The larger they get the more blurry they will become. Insert larger images but keep them square. They will still scale down to 280×280 by default but when they are scaled on higher resolution monitors they will look better.



    My originals (for the featured image in the post) are the recommended 610×407. Based on the math, they shouldn’t get stretched to fit into the 280×190 for the home page thumbnails — but they are. Can anyone help?


    The images are being inserted as thumbnails. I’m not sure how I missed that. Whatever size image you upload will be scaled and cropped to 150×150. I just downloaded the theme. Let me take a better look at this.



    I’m not the original poster. (Sorry; should I have started a new thread?) My problem is the same as theirs, though; blurry/stretched thumbnails on homepage.

    Ha, I didn’t notice. Generally you are supposed to start a new thread but let’s finish this off.

    Go to Appearance>Photolistic Options and click the “Documentation” link. It explains the media sizes better than I could. I suggest changing the thumb sizes to the recommended and see if that is better.



    I have tried entering the image in the the documentation-recommended sizes — first as Medium size, and then Thumbnail size. In both cases, the image that appears on the home page seems to be cropping in on the image, then stretching it at a different aspect ratio.

    I went into the editor, and looked at the Main Index Template, thinking that maybe there was an error in the height/width specifications, but it matches the recommended Thumbnail size.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks for your help, BTW!



    Thanks for the help, CedarPoint, but I decided to bail on Photolistic and use a different theme (Pilot Fish). This image problem was too frustrating, plus there were some other customizations I wanted to do, that were too difficult for my limited skills.

    The images that appear in the footer/featured are the Featured images of the post. I set the featured image to be a much larger image and while it is cropped down, you can see that it’s still quite pixelated. (It’s the first picture titled “Pin Up America”.

    Is the only solution to crop the images down to exactly 280×280?

    They are inserted as thumbnails so they will be scaled to whatever size is entered in Settings>Media. The Documentation link at Appearance>Photolistic Options has the recommended media sizes for the theme.

    All images I insert they crop and keep square with 150×150 pixels. How can I change this dimensions?!?




    I experienced this pixelated and blurry image thing before. When I checked the image via firebug it was 150px by 150px. What I did is change the thumbnail settings on Settings>Media then set the width to 280px and height to 186px. Check the Crop thumbnail blurb.

    I also changed my format to jpg.

    Hope that helps.

    Hey Jana, I love your home page. Which theme are you using? How did you make this background “window”? It’s really cool.



    PilotFish, which has that built in.

    I experienced the same issue. And it did seem like if you have a larger picture in pixels, the more blurry you’ll get. What I did was photoshopped the picture I want to insert and change the image size to exactly 280px X 187px. The image got a lot smaller in terms of megabyte, but when I inserted it, it worked out perfectly and didn’t stretch or blur anymore. You don’t have to change any codes or setting. Hope that’ll help.

    I have tried all the things you recommended change style.css change the image size, change the image size on photoshop but still have a problem: I have duplicate featured image and i donĀ“t know how to fix this. Some one can help me with this??

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