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    First of all i DO NOT know programming.. I am new to wordpress.
    here is my site:
    i need to know how to change the font size of the post titles.. they are WAY WAY too big… I know i must edit something in styles.css from the wordpress appearance editor, but what, and where.. i have absolutely no clue.. I have spent most of today reading and reading post, forums, documentation, … everything i find is way too advanced for me.. and each site seems to say do something completely different.. I need help.. i cant do this on my own any more.

    Also.. is it at all possible to reduce the size of the top part of the site (the space over the logo.. with text).. its taking up alot of space on the page.

    I hope someone can help

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  • put this two pieces of code at the end of your style.css

    Size of the titles (original: 26px)
    .entry-title { font-size: 20px; }

    Top margin (original: 2em auto ->meaning: top and bottom 2em, right and left auto)
    #page { margin: -20px auto 2em; }
    – the new one means: top -20px, right and left auto, bottom 2em

    Top job brasofilo.. worked like a charm.. easy when ya know how eh! 😉

    I managed to put a -200px on the page top part to get rid of it altogether .. much nicer if i dont say so myself.

    cheers again 🙂

    heyo mate. Don’t -200 it out of frame. Just set display to none. I.e

    .entry-title {

    That’ll make it disappear (and not mess it up in IE 6 or 7 or 8 when people go to view it… or if people have a higher resolution they might still see it)

    woop scrap that. I thought you meant the title.

    yea.. not the logo/banner part.. sort of text at the top and there was a search bar there also, but the padding of it all was so fat that it took up more space then the logo/banner part itself.. ugly..
    I know i could probably get rid of the top top part in the css, but oh hell, hiding it off the top of the screen dose just as well 😀

    thanks again folks for the help

    cool, Panphys!

    Chrome has a built in tool that’s a breeze to modify live css.
    Just right click an element and select “Inspect element”.
    You’ll be presented with its CSS properties, which you can change and see the effect.
    After you’re satisfied, copy the rules into your style.css

    Please mark the thread as “resolved”.

    Cheers 🙂

    thanks brasoflio
    as it happens im starting a part time web authoring course in may, so nodoubt ill pick up some css basics there.
    Also, FF10/11 has inspect element option too, tho ive not had a good go of chrome yet.

    thanks once again
    thread marked as solved

    best regards

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