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  • Hi Aaron,

    I have two update suggestions:

    – I have set the default category and deactivated the plugin. After reactivating the plugin I have to set the default category again.

    – I have deactivated the plugin and removed some cron-jobs. I doubt if the plugin creates new cron-jobs – after reactivating – for posts that have been set to expire in the future (thus after reactivating the plugin). Do you get the idea?


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  • Plugin Author Aaron Axelsen


    I do get the idea – i’m just wondering why you have the need to deactivate and reactivate the plugin?

    There can be many reasons:
    – Switching web server
    – Error hunting (by deactivating plugin to see if the problem remains)
    – Cron job reset

    After re-activating your plugin I have to ‘archive’ my expirated post manually.

    Any updates on my issue? There are also backup plugins that do not backup listed cron jobs. Also, when setting a post manually to category “archive” the cron jobs needs to be updated. So, it’s realy important that Post Expirator re-checks the needed cron jobs.

    Aaron, do you expect any updates on this?

    Thanks for your reply!

    Plugin Author Aaron Axelsen


    I’m torn on how to approach this. My goal has always been to have the plugin clean up after itself if someone chooses to deactivate it, which is why you are seeing the current behavior. I think it is best to add this as a feature request:

    What do you mean by setting a post manually to a category the cron job needs to be updated. Can you give me some more information or step by step to reproduce?

    An example: I have a post that expires on a given date. When it expires it will be set on a specific category.

    My post is about a job. Sometimes a job opportunity is closed before the expected expire date (which means the job can be removed from the site; as no new applications will be accepeted). Therefore, I manully change the post category (to the category “archive”). If I don’t do this the plugin will do this at the given expiration date…

    Well, now I have changed the post category to “archive” the plugin has nothing more todo. The question is: does it removes it tasks? Thus deleting the old cron job (when the post was expected to expire).

    Do you understand the case?

    Plugin Author Aaron Axelsen


    In this case, when you go in to manually change the category you should also uncheck the “Enable Post Expiration” box, it should unschedule and remove the cron event.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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