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  • I cannot figure out how to make the blog roll use the excerpt function and have the post title be the link to the full blog post?

    Also, is there a way to truncate the archive post titles and comments in the sidebar?

    Thank you!

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  • Anything? Anyone? Please?

    I don’t think that’s possible – are you creating these post titles? They look like someone’s entire comment?

    Yes, I know. The client did this. Are you saying that I cannot use the excerpt function?

    The blog roll just uses titles from posts – the excerpt has nothing to do with the title of a post. Sounds like your client needs to do that a different way.

    I think I understand, but can I make a blog roll with just title (linked to the full post) and the excerpt on the front page, instead of the blog roll having the entire post?

    The reason the blogroll shows the full post is that your client is putting the full post in the title – that’s the problem. Look at this HTML code – it’s all in the title:

    <h1 class="entry-title">I am a huge fan of the Biggest Loser so I bought the new Family Cookbook that you have out and I am so bummed at the moment. The recipes you have for the BBQ bacon meat loaf and the buffalo chicken-blue cheese meat loaf sound so great except I am hitting a HUGE road block. There is not a store anywhere here in my vicinity or even across the city that has ground chicken. None of my grocery stores carry it and not even some of the meat markets that I would have thought surely would have carried it or been able to produce some for me. Can chicken be easily substituted for ground turkey? I know it probably won’t taste as great, seeing that I love chicken wings and I was so excited about that meat loaf recipe but it looks like I have no other choice but to substitute. Do you have any suggestions for me to try down here in Houston? I would greatly appreciate any help…I just love my cookbook, we haven’t found one recipe that we don’t like yet and even though my son is not even 1 I plan to keep this cookbook for many years so that we all continue a healthy eating lifestyle. Lisa M from Houston, TX</h1>

    And on this page it shows as the title:

    Just to add a few ideas here – if your client wants to use comments to create “answer posts” – use a short catchy title in the title – then put the rest in the post. Then, still in the post, create a section for the answer that has different styling – using CSS – perhaps a different colored background or box around the text or whatever he/she would like.

    Or, I noticed a plugin for Q&A –

    I haven’t used it and don’t know how complicated it is to use, but you could check it out.

    OK, I have shortened the post titles of the first page as you suggested. Totally makes sense, don’t think she knew. I have also added excerpts, but they are still appearing as complete posts in the blog roll. Am I missing a setting or something? Do I also need to edit the post titles permalinks?

    BTW, thank you for your help

    Those all look like post titles to me – I think you’ll have to fix all the titles on all the posts to fix those, sorry :(.

    That’s ok, should I be changing the permalinks as well. Are the new titles on the front page acceptable?

    They seem fine to me – but it does look like you need to reset the permalinks – as they aren’t links at the moment.

    OK, I have changed all of the post’s titles and the full post still appears on the blog roll and no links for the post titles.

    Help! What is my problem?

    Where are you changing those? It looks like you’ve left/created HTML errors for unclosed tags for the title h1 tags and the links tags –

    I’m changing them in the title field of the edit post page. Looked at a couple of those errors and don’t see the error in the actual post.

    That theme is a child theme of twentytwelve – and for that page, it’s using index.php of twentytwelve – have you modified that file? You could try reinstalling twentytwelve or replacing that file if you’ve changed it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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