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    Maybe Im missing something, but it there a way to show only the excepts of a post rather than the entire post when clicking on a category?


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  • Heya BB, I think the best way to pull this off would be to use a plugin. This one might work:

    Feel free to keep the questions coming. It’s a pleasure to help. I’d love to see your site when it’s up and running.

    Hi, I have found with auto excerpt everywhere and Origami that you have to set a featured image for it to post a thumbnail image with the excerpt and when you do it shows up double of the image in the excerpt. Someone else mentioned to remove some code but I don’t know how to do that and if you have a gallery of images with the origami slider on a post you then get your featured image then the gallery of images underneath when you review the post.

    I don’t know how to fix this as I am just a wordpress novice so if anyone has some suggestions or knows of a different plugin it would be appreciated.




    The 2 Methods of Showing Excerpts which gives info to easily edit template file to get excerpt from category post.

    Thankyou @josh123 for replying.

    However the more tag does not work option does not work.
    I have found ‘the_content’ in the loop.php file and I replaced it with ‘the_excerpt’ which did change indeed change my blog template page to an excerpt but when you click on the title or the link to view the full article it still only showed the excerpt and did not then give you the full article.



    Sorry for late reply.
    To solve this, i think you need to add a link below the content, which can be used to load the rest of the article. which is same as cited in the previous link.
    <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="Read the rest of <?php the_title(); ?>" class="more-link">Read the rest of this entry ยป</a>

    Thanks again Josh123,
    yes I put in the link and I just tried it again for good measure however it doesn’t load the full article. Maybe its something to do with where I am changing the code and how this theme is particularly setup. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to help.

    I’ll add an option in the next update of Origami to display the excerpt instead of the full post in archive pages. In the mean time you can modify loop.php – just replace <?php the_content(' '); ?> on line 48 with the following

    <?php if(is_singular()) the_content(' '); else the_excerpt(); ?>

    Does that do the trick for you?

    I’m sure that you are going to curse me by the end of this. Thanks for the response.
    This does work better but its still missing some things.

    It needs the ‘click read the rest of this article’ link at the end of the excerpt. I put the code from josh123 above after the code that Greg Priday suggested and that does open it the full post. However the ‘read the rest of this entry’ link remains after the full content is displayed. It also disables the social sharing buttons that I have set up.

    As well it disables the image gallery or single image for that particular post. I set a single featured image for the post however when you click on the excerpt title to go to the full post it displays the featured image and then the gallery of images underneath. or on a single image it displays the image twice.

    ideally what I was trying to achieve was a blog page separate to the home page that had the post excerpt with the images (mostly I have more than one image so it is displayed in the gallery slider) which you could then click on to go to the full post.

    I also tried the ‘thumbnail for excerpts’ plugin but that doesn’t work when your post has a gallery of images. It only works when your post has a single image attached to it and I liked the origami slider for images in the posts.

    I appreciate and thank you for your support.

    Sorry for the delay! I’m going to try throw together a child theme that does exactly what you’re after. I think that’s the best way to get what you’re after quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll get that ready for you in the next few hours.

    Sorry for my delay too. Thanks Greg it is very appreciated.

    Greg, I am looking for the same thing. I am just about to pay for Origami so will look on that support forum later tonight as well. Thanks.

    Cancel that. I moved over to your Clearly Theme. Nice job.

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