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  • I posted this a couple days ago in How-to and troubleshooting, but I got no replies whatsoever. I’d appreciate ANY help someone can give me on this.

    I’m having some trouble with the way WordPress (or perhaps just the theme I’m using) is formatting HTML in posts on the homepage. The problem: it’s not formatting it at all. If I create the post in the rich editor and format things differently (links, type styles, even line breaks don’t come up!) it all shows up as one continuous block of text. Same problem if I try hand-typing the HTML on the code section of the editor.

    My theme is a modified version of the pop-blue layout, if that helps at all.

    Edit: A side note — the post is formatted correctly if you click on the link and go to the actual page. This malfunction only occurs on the home page. 🙁

    My link is if you need to look at it.

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  • whooami



    Take a look at your index.php, do you see the following inside it?

    <?php the_content_rss('', TRUE, '', 150); ?>

    If so, that ought to be

    <?php the_content('Read the rest ..yadda;'); ?>

    yadda, used above, is just filler. Thats where you put what you want a read more link to say.

    Thanks for the reply whooami. Mine does, however, say “read the rest.”

    I don’t think I’m explaining the problem correctly.

    Whats happening is that when I make a post, even if I format the post in the wordpress editor, it’s showing up on my page totally unformatted as one continuous block of text. If I insert a line break, it doesn’t show up. No HTML within posts works on my homepage. If you click the link to the page with the full post, then and only then does the formatting occur.

    “more” doesn’t work either, because it’s code within the post, and none of that works. So to go to the actual page you need to click the post title.

    I’m a wreck over here. Thanks for helping me though wooami, I appreciate it greatly!

    nevermind. problem solved. there was a fix for it on the theme creators blog. Thanks though!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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