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  • Why does the WordPress editor hate images so much? Several things that drive me nuts when inserting images into posts:

    1. Height tag is specified instead of a width tag in the generated HTML. WTF?! Ideally when I post a huge image, the editor should determine how wide an image I can post if I am using a fixed width template, and insert an appropraite width tag. Failing that, it should do nothing.

    2. For basic image tasks, I should never have to touch the underlying HTML. I don’t want to know about HTML, just put my images in a sane place dammit.

    3. Word flow around images is crap. I still haven’t figured out the rules, the behavior seems completely random.

    4. If you can’t handle images right, don’t do so at all. Raising my expectations and then crushing them is frustrating.


    I’m a very visual person and I want to post several images per blog entry. Is there a plugin/standalone editor that *serious* bloggers use? I feel that the current editor is nothing more than a cute AJAX toy.

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