• Logged into my admin panel to edit a post, and for some reason the admin panel is doing all sorts of funky stuff. First, the text in the text box is all white and can only be seen if I highlight it.

    The “visual” tab is selected but the text in the post is as if the “Text” tab was selected.

    Also, I went to go replace the “featured image” of the post and clicking the “Remove featured image” did nothing. When i clicked on the featured image, the “upload media” box which is supposed to overlay a box on the page instead redirected me to the upload media page instead of the popup box.

    Any link i try to click does not work, but it does let me click buttons like preview, publish. However it seems like clicking any link that is supposed to pop up a box on the screen does not work..

    I have already troubleshooted by doing the following:
    *Disabled all plugins
    *changed theme

    No luck. I read online it might be a jQuery problem? Not sure what to do here.

    Here’s an image

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    Yeah, sounds like a JavaScript/jQuery error occurred, stopping other scripts from running. Check your browser console for JS errors. There should be a link to the code where the error occurred. That’s not necessarily the actual problem, but it’s where to start in tracing back to the problem.

    When you changed themes, was it to one of the twenty* themes?

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    Try checking your browser’s console for errors

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    any idea how to make heads or tails of this?

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    Yeah, that’s messed up! I suggest you perform a manual re-installation. The steps are the same as a manual update, except you use files from a fresh download of your current version. If you are not already on version 4.7, we suggest you consider updating. Either way, be sure to backup your database first, as well as the uploads folder and any other customized files in wp-content.

    Was any action recently performed on your server that may have corrupted several files? A failed update? Hacking attempt? Site relocation?

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    All I had to do was go into Dashboard -> Updates -> Re-install Now

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