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  • Hello forum,
    I’ve been trying various combinations of the above mentioned post editors and media managers (amoung the numerous others) and I’ve yet to find the combination which really works to my needs. The number of various options has left me abit confussed.

    I think that the WYSIWYG plugin is very good, I’ve set it up with the dictionary and text corrector, table maker and such, but its image manager isn’t very good. Has anyone installed the ImageManager into WYSIWYG?

    I have not tried the other , wysiwygii which is based on htmlarea as I have read that tinyMCE is better, cleaner and quicker. I have used the tinyMCE_EXP within mambo, which has the same ImageManager functionality and interface.

    SO if you’ve read this far and you actually know which text area editor and image manager plugins are which and which works best with which let us all in on the secret. We’ll all save a few weeks of work doing trial and error.

    Thanx alot,

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  • None of them work particularly well together given their nature — WYSIWYG typically replaces the JS quicktags, image browsers try to add to the quicktags, etc. I have no recommendations for you as I don’t use HTML in my posts, but just wanted to say there may in fact be no “secret” to it either.

    TinyMCE + Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery can be made to play nicely together I’ve just found. The only downside with ESPG is that it saves descriptions to a text file, and not mySQL.

    Here’s what to do:

    1. Install ESPG
    2. Set up an image directory, and a sub-directory in ESPG. Eg: images/holiday
    3. Now you need to integrate ESPG into WordPress. I’ve not done this yet but see for full instructions on this.
    3. Install TinyMCE, and activate.
    4. Now you need to configure TinyMCE’s Image Libray to look for your ESPG image directory. Open iconfig.php (it will be in your WP plugins folder – wp-content/plugins/wysi-wordpress/plugins/ibrowser) and set $imagedirectory to the same relative directory of ESPG. So in this case $imagedirectory = “images/holiday/”;
    5. If you have more than one sub-directory in ESPG, see for details of how to link them all up to TinyMCE by repeating step 4.
    6. Finished, I think. When you insert an image using the yellow ‘ibrowser’ image button in TinyMCE, you should now see your ESPG folder in the dropdown menu at the top, and be able to insert images directly from your ESPG gallery.
    7. What’s more, if you upload an image at this point using TinyMCE, it will be automatically saved to that folder, thus adding it to your ESPG gallery at the same time. You can then go into the ESPG admin page to give it a name and description.

    Phew…. hope this helps someone, I have spend days trying to find a solution for WP that works nicely. If the above is useful I might try and write it up properly and repost.

    Or could someone help me make a plugin that combines all of the above!!!??? That would be sweet =)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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