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  • I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 7. Now, when I am trying to edit Posts and/or Pages, my cursor keeps returning me to top of Post Editing Area box. I have to continually search for the line where I am making edits – One click and it’s gone! What could have caused this? and is there a fix?

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  • Edward Caissie


    Theme Review Admin, The JellyBeen Man

    If you are using Internet Explorer, I found switching to Firefox helped solve this issue.

    That seems to have solved this issue – thanks for the info!!

    I’m using Firefox under Win 7-64. I’m getting a similar issue only with the Add Tags popup in Post Edit. Clicking the link to add tags does not usually produce the popdown inventory of currently used tags. Instead, it pops the whole browser page to the top, and in this case I can’t either add new tags or select from old ones.

    I have multiple WP 2.8.6 installations and the odd thing is that this feature works in some of them. The obvious approach here would be to try to find some slight difference in the installation files, and I will try to track down the problem this way. But these same 2.8.6 installations work perfectly under XP and Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Mozilla (Firefox), and the problem can’t be recreated.

    So for me at least, this issue does seem to be connected to W7 or 64-bit. My workaround for the time being is to load or edit posts on the Mac.

    I did a new post under WP 2.8.6, clean install from the 2.8.6 download package, no extras or customization, under Win7 Mozilla. The Post Tag ‘Add new tag’ and ‘Choose from the most used tags in Post Tags’ do not work. Neither does Add New Category. This is consistent with other sidebar function reports.

    Mozilla 3.5.5 reports dozens of errors like the below in Tools/Error Console:

    Warning: Unknown property ‘border-bottom-left-radius’. Declaration dropped.
    Source File:,wp-admin&ver=ba4d987ec2b562bd22e5da70fe38318d
    Line: 748

    The link from “Choose from most used tags’ is: — which is the page URL rather than the intended URL.

    Partial fix. This is good news: I downloaded and installed the Firefox upgrade from 3.5.5 to 3.5.6. This cleared up all problems previously noted in my last post (in the clean TEST installation).

    The Sun java test page reports that my Java Platform runtime library is working correctly.

    Unfortunately I still have these Edit Post issues with my regular WP 2.8.6 installations. This should point me to a “multiple causes” scenario with the files or plugins in those installations. More troubleshooting!

    ISSUES RESOLVED (for me): after watching my JS error console, I did the 2 steps below on my remaining 5 “problems” installations. This fixed all my remaining problems, including (a) our Edit Post sidebar issues, and (b) an Appearance/Widget frozen/inop widget icon issue I didn’t know I had.

    These steps are only what worked for me. I have no obvious explanation why all my installations weren’t affected or whether they’ll work for everyone, but:

    1) in my affected wp-admin folders I re-uploaded these 3 files: load-scripts.php, load-styles.php, widgets.php

    2) testing the affected control pages, I found I had to refresh the page in Firefox to see the fixes take effect, but work they did.

    To re-test, I logged off all installations, closed Firefox, and started it again. Logging in, the fixed functionality remained “fixed” – without refreshes or other gimmickry.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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