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[Resolved] Post Disappearing problem

  • Hi,
    From this morning I have a problem with wordpress.
    First the categories disappeared, while I tried to find the cause of the issue, every post disappeared!
    Later categories and tags showed up again, but posts aren’t visible yet.

    I tried to find more but I found nothing to solve this. I tried deactivate every plugin, change themes but the problem is still here.

    Now categories and tags are showed, the posts not and when I write a new article, there isn’t the “publish” button, only “send for revision”.

    Help me please, I use wordpress 3.4.2 with continuum theme, here is the blog http://www.focusport.it

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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    That sounds like your database has been damaged. Do you have a recent database backup?

    And do NOT use the ‘modlook’ tag on your own topics to attract attention. This is classed as tag abuse and is not tolerated on these forums.

    i’m sorry for using modlook, but i thought this was an high priority issue :/
    Unfortunately i don’t have any backup… (now I’ve learned how useful they are) Is there any log file, where I can find the cause of this damage? I’m new to wordpress, only two weeks.

    Thank you for the answer!



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    i thought this was an high priority issue

    With all due respect, what makes you think that your issue should have a greater priority than any other posters? These are free community forums. You post your question and then hope that one of the (very hard-working but unpaid) forum volunteers answers it eventually. If that’s not suitable for your needs. try hiring someone instead.

    With regard to your possible database issues, have you asked your hosts if they are experiencing any issues? Or if they have a database backup?

    Is there any log file, where I can find the cause of this damage?

    Try asking your hosts about it. If the database has been damaged, the damage probably occurred well outside of WordPress.

    i’m sorry again, i didn’t know how it works and it’s my fault because a didn’t read about it.
    Anyway I solved the issue with a “check db” and then a “repair db” from cpanel of my host.
    After an “empty cache” everything was ok.

    Thank you for support and sorry again for the modlook question, I will not use it so easily next time.

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