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  • This is a continuation of a previous and very valuable thread over here that resolves an issue with post dates not going prior to the year 1970.

    I have a client whos website is a chronicle of a small seaside town dating back to the 14th century. We are using the include file adodb_date_library which is a great piece of work and has fixed all the permalinks and also the address and the archives.

    A typical archives would be:
    August 1853

    The permalink URL for this would be:

    The above is exactly what we’re after but there is still a problem we are facing, in fact there are two.

    1) When rendering post dates, it appears to be the year 1970 and nothing changes that. I’ve located the call to this and the functions are in general_template.php at lines 695, 700 and 709. Does anyone have any ideas how to pull the post dates correctly from the database? such as 13th August 1853, and not 1970?

    2) In the admin control panel, this date problem extends to the timestamp sidebar when writing and editing posts. You write a post, set the timestamp features to the correct date of the entry, such as 13 August 1853, and then save. This correctly archives the post in the right year but when you log in to the control panel, the timestamp section in the sidebar still says the dreaded 1970.

    It appears that although this adodb_date_library does the trick, there’s an awful lot of work involved getting everything else to follow suit and work coherently.

    Are there any plans for WordPress to include this feature in future releases as it makes perfect sense to do so?

    Thanks for any time and wisdom imparted.

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