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  • We are seeing something odd in WP that I cannot find here on the forums or through a Google search.

    On my wife’s blog, when she updates a post, it will go from being a posted article to a draft with a different date. A post from today (June 1) will reset itself to April 1 without user input to do so. It will also go from a posted status to a draft status, requiring a re-post.
    It will also change her post category to default when it does the other unwanted changes. She then has to go back, change all of the details back to be correct, and then hope re-posting it will work.

    These changes will also happen when WordPress does an auto-save while in the post editor.
    It’s behaving like something in WP is taking a save/update command as a reset to a default status.

    She has disabled all plugins as well as changed to the TwentyFourteen theme with no change in the above issues. This started happening with the 3.9 upgrade, and has continued through 3.9.1.

    Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before, and ideas on how to fix it?

    Thank you for any ideas.

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  • I’m experiencing the same issue on my self-hosted WordPress blog – very annoying. I seem to be able to get the category to stick if I do a quick edit.

    I also find it changing the author to me for other users if I edit the post.

    I tried updating to the latest version of WordPress hoping it would help, but no dice.

    I’m wondering now if it might be my Thesis theme that’s causing the problem, or perhaps a plug in. If I find anything that fixes it, I’ll post back here.

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