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  • Why would the contents of the post be appended to the contents of a custom field, and displayed in that custom field only? Content of the post and of the custom field are each in their proper place, in the edit screen.

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  • Hi jpkidd, can you share the page URL where this is happening?

    at the moment I have worked around it with columns. the current left column content is found in the main post, the right column content was in a custom field formatted to appear somewhat like a right sidebar (or like a column as the kludge now produces) but I copied the content into the main post and set up columns. but to reiterate, the “right column content” used to be completely separate from the main post in a custom field!

    in my mind the main post content was somehow getting ‘into’ the advanced field, but I’ll put that down to chemo brain – it is clearly some conflict in the div tags which I will ow try to sort out. what remains curious to me is how a user editing content might have affected such a conflict (presumably residing in a theme file), maybe I will actually figure that out …

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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