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  1. Supracorona
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm looking for a plugin that allows
    different content to display in category archive page.

    If I put the three categories into my WordPress, I would like to:
    - one category on its archive page displays the whole post - post content,
    - the other category on its archive page displays post excperts
    - a third category displays just a post title.

    Is this function - settings possible on the same installation of WP
    and is there any plugin that allows something like that? Are there any codes that allow this function?

  2. danixland
    Posted 5 years ago #

    using category templates you should be able to do what you want simply working on the loop in every template file ;)

    the 3 categs are:

    • alpha - display whole content (template file category-alpha.php)
    • gamma - display only the excerpt (template file category-gamma.php)
    • beta - display only post title (template file category-beta.php)

    Now for those template files to do what you want, you'll simply have to adjust the way the loop displays contents inside those 3 files... ;)

    no plugins, no strange functions... just WordPress!!

    the template category-{slug}.php was added in WP 2.9, but I'm sure you have the latest stable, don't you?! ;)

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