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[Resolved] Post Content is only Partial

  • I am taking an existing post with several custom taxonomies… exporting it and then importing it with some of the taxonomies changed.

    I am also trying to copy some posts and re-import them with taxonomies changed.

    When I exported, updated the taxonomies in excel, saved as a CSV, and then re-imported everything… it all seemed to work great. I updated the date and taxonomies and everything showed up correctly in wordpress BUT

    BUT… for some reason all the posts were only a few lines… like they were breaking at a point. I was curious if there was a delimiter or something, but I am sure I am not the only person that might have a comma or something else in their post.

    What would cause this? If I removed post_content… would it update posts accordingly?

    If so, that is good for existing posts… but what about posts I want to copy? How do I get all my post content to FULLY upload?

    Again… my error is basically… If I have a post like this one (see the top of this post). It would say

    “I am taking an existing post with several custom” – its just cut off. Any help would be great.


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    Hi Kramer

    To save time, you may be best off trying another plugin. If you want to persevere, then you’d need to troubleshoot this a bit. Try:

    1) Exporting to CSV, and then importing (without changing the file or even opening it). If that works, then the problem lies in your spreadsheet or other pre-import processes.

    2) If 1 works, then try google drive spreadsheet or Libre Office Calc (both free).

    3) If neither 1 or 2 work, then it’s possible you’ve got ‘dirty’ text. By which I mean that I’ve sometimes found that non UTF8 characters are interspersed in the text, and the lines get cut off wherever these occur. To establish whether this might be occurring you could try creating a dummy post with a couple of sentences that you type in. Make sure you don’t cut and paste anything, as that action could be the source of the problem. Then export/re-import and see if that post works where the others fail.

    4) If there’s still a problem, then you’d need to work out what the pattern is. Does it always cut off at the first sentence, the first comma, etc?

    Best wishes


    Hey Paul,

    I have a feeling asterisks and bullet points seem to cause the issue for me… I guess I’ll see if I can fix this somehow. A simple find replace in excel seemed to erase everything… guess it was thinking that I am using it as a wildcard.

    Now I am noticing all sorts of messiness in our posts. Anyway for me to clean this up? Even if we have to go into each post… curious if there is a TinyMCE editor or something to remove formatting.

    Plugin Author CPK Web Solutions


    It’s a tough question to answer, but if you use google docs/libre office calc, and set to UTF-8, the bad characters may be more visible, and (with cut and paste into a search and replace dialog), they might even be easily removed.

    Not sure about doing it from within WP editor.

    Best wishes


    Thanks for getting back Paul

    So I went with Open Office trying out some of your suggestions and it worked great. Had to start over with the imports, add a row at a time, and most importantly remove office as the default (one open in office messed it up).

    On mac we have had issues with the Open Office version of word… but for excel it is superior in every way. We will be using it from now on for all spreadsheets when google docs won’t suffice.


    p.s. thanks for this simple and straightforward plugin

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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