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    I have an issue where all my post content is now gone. After upgrading to WordPress 3.0 ( 1st day it was released ) I had no problems. Wrote an article today site was running fine all morning & afternoon. Now post content is gone. Not listed where it should be.

    I ran a few RC builds with no problems. Used the auto upgrade feature to install gold build.

    I’ve disabled all plugins but Maintenance Mode. This of course has not resolved the problem.

    I have had a look around the first few pages of the forum. I’m not seeing anyone who is running into this exact issue. There are a few that are close but not exact.

    My password was strong – been changed now. I don’t think this was a hack. If it had been I’m sure all my uploaded photos would have been taken out along with the missing post content.

    Host is GoDaddy.

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  • Brett


    On the Dashboard, it says in the “Right Now” box that Posts are equal to Zero?

    Did you make regular backups or just a backup to your database?

    I have database backups. My full backup may be a little older than I would like it to be ( a month off the mark ). So if need be yes I could hassle with trying to put it all back together from backups. Was hoping maybe I had missed something or there was a known issue I wasn’t aware of.

    Some users have reported having issues with Super Cache that caused something similar to what I am seeing. I’ve never had that plugin cause me this type of problem in the past.

    Just odd that everything was working smooth then tonight boom everything is in the garbage can.

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    Considering the site has been live & running since 2004 I can promise that the post count shouldn’t be zero. It wasn’t last time I checked this afternoon. I hadn’t installed or played with any settings. Which makes this even more unusual.

    Moderator James Huff


    You may need to repair the database.

    Access your WordPress database via phpMyAdmin (most hosting providers offer this in their control panel), check all of the tables, and choose “Repair tables” from the pull-down menu.

    I’ll try the database repair before trying to reinstall with backup. Currently offloading everything using FTP. So that I will have a backup of current state before messing with anything. At this point absolutely frustrated. Thanks for the replies.

    Wow that has to be the first time in a very long time I have actually gotten relevant help in any forum. Especially without all the usual forum attitudes seen here & in other places.

    Long and short of it – macmanx got me back in gear. It looks as if the database refresh got me running again. First time I have ever had to go that route. Very pleased it turn out to be a simple fix.

    Thanks again.

    Post are back but my front page isn’t. Cache issue or a setting I have missed – time to troubleshoot.

    Moderator James Huff


    You’re welcome!

    Regarding your front page, it could be a cache issue, but you might want to check your front page selection at Settings/Reading in the admin panel and ensure that the selected page still exists. You may have to re-save these settings too.

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