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  • Hi,
    I have had this problem happen three times so far. There is on instance that I am not even able to fix.
    It is when it happened to this post:

    When the post was first published on Schedule, only a fraction of what was on the latest edit mode appeared. The published post was a mess of formatting, and chopped up paragraphs. It published about 700 of the 1500+ words.

    I went to edit mode to modify, add/delete, and nothing would show up in publish mode.

    I reverted to earlier version and the one from the night before seemed to still have everything so I published that and it updated the post.

    Few days later, I noticed that one paragraph is still a mess – in that 2 paragraphs got chopped into one. I went to edit the post and in Edit mode, either HTML or Visual, ONLY a fraction of the post shows up.

    when I deactivated every plug-in, the problem still persisted, so I don’t think it’s plug-ins that are contributing to this.

    To explain the problem clearly:

    1. I bring up a post
    2. The html editor shows all the content
    3. The visual editor shows a chopped off version
    4. I click back to the html editor, and it now reflects the (incorrect) chopped visual editor version

    Then I disabled Thesis Theme and went to the default version, and the same exact problem persisted. I did this last step while all plugins remained disabled.

    As a drastic step, I renamed my themes directory to themes-old (obviously this broke some things) but the problem above still persists.

    I then reversed all actions above.
    I look forward to your advice.
    Thank you,

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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