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    I would like to increase thw width of the post content box.
    I know height can be varied by the user,but if widht can be a bit more broad by default,the editing button will not merge with each other what is currently happening.
    I tried this:
    <?php wp_editor( $description, ‘new-post-desc’, array(‘textarea_name’ => ‘wpuf_post_content’, ‘editor_class’ => ‘requiredField’, ‘teeny’ => false, ‘textarea_rows’ => 8) ); ?>
    by changing the testarea_rows greater than 8 like 12 but nothing happening.
    I tried it changing in wp-user-frontend/wpuf-edit-post.php and wp-user-frontend/wpuf-add-post.php.
    also they are mentioned as (inactive) when edited through editor of plugin??
    Is anything wrong or any other method needed?
    Thanks a lot in advance for help 🙂

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  • Um, that doesn’t sound like the right way to be doing this. This should be handled in your themes stylesheet (style.css).

    @gpspake:can u pls elaborate?
    so do u say i need to tweak the Plugin CSS Sheet.
    I am not a coder,can u pls specify me which sheet to tweak?
    Very helpful
    Thanks a Million!

    You shouldn’t have to mess with the plug in. In the folder that your theme is in there should be a file called style.css. Usually you would use a browser add in like firebug to find the class of the item you want to change and then add the changes to your style sheet. Can you provide a link to the page that your form is on?

    Thanks again GPSPAKE.
    i suppose u need to register to look into the site.
    FYI:the content box looks so crushed when im using rich mini text editor [though i want to use full].for that,the content box should be a bit more of width as i have full page view.
    Pls help me to locate which CSS i need to edit and how??
    theme’s Style.css file is so huge and also have no link wrt plugin css coz i suppose the content box width can be varied by changing its css which can be found out in plugin css???
    for eg. i changed the fonts of label by changing font size in wp-user-frontend/css/wpuf.css file.
    but there i cant see option of changing width??
    need ur expert advice.
    Wud be a lot of help.

    Ah, you have it set to require login, so I can’t see it. your style.css would be located in wp-content/themes/’your-theme’/style.css make sure you can get to that first.

    pls use a dummy user login i created for u to enter:
    login button on top right.
    now when u look at page
    similarly edit page [once we have a post],u can see how the post content box looks like.
    moreover i tried checking it in firefox,where it looks utterly crushed.
    pls use above credentials to look at pages and help me how can i improve the look of the page..

    You will need to add this to style.css

    .wpuf-post-form li div {


    You should make a child theme if you haven’t already(Use this guide) so your changes aren’t lost when you update.

    Also I highly recommend codecademy’s free web fundamentals course for a quick way to learn css and html. If you finish that course and that child theme tutorial you’ll be able to fix this kind of thing easily.

    By the way, I used firebug to do this. see pic.

    Hello GPSPAKE,

    Awesome loads of thanks to U.
    But one concern i am facing is that i am not able to locate above
    .wpuf-post-form in the style.css of the theme [actually none of the plugins css are found in the code there!].
    on the other hand,the above line of code is found in plugin css at
    wp-user-frontend/css/wpuf.css like i mentioned before.
    Even in the pic u mentioned,if u observe that it also says wpuf.css.
    Now i tried all options even then:
    1.tried creating a child theme in main theme-ddnt worked.
    2.added above code below style.css -ddnt worked.
    3.added above code in plugin css-ddnt worked!

    there is a custom.css file as well in the theme.
    can i put the abov code there?
    if yes-what should be complete code?

    No idea..why i am not able to find out where this devil is located and i can change it???
    i am getting so de-motivated now 🙁

    You don’t need to change anything, you should be adding the above exactly as is. When you add the style in your theme’s ,style.css, it will override the plugin css. You should be able to add it exactly as it was above; just copy and paste it.

    I can’t stress the importance of creating a child theme but that can come later. If add your css changes in your child theme, you will be able to update your theme and the plugin without losing any changes.

    I did exactly as u suggested.
    Still not working!!!!!!!!!
    I added above code:
    .wpuf-post-form li div {

    in style.css of made theme which i am using now.
    and then going back to
    cant see any changes!!!!!!!!
    pls if u can login again and check the css..if anything missing???
    [i am learning css and all now but i thnk this troubleshooting needs ur help,later i will definitely educate myself to tackle wars like this..

    Champ GPSPAKE!
    It worked actually
    Only Cache problem so wasnt visible.
    Thanks for ur effort and motivating me to learn the web-lingo too!!
    Keep helping…
    Thanks again

    One additional concern GPSPAKE>>
    When even a member creates a post and submits,it publishes by default.
    i checked it right now!
    Is there a way where he submits it [which saves as a draft etc at backend and does not publish automatically] and later ADMIN/EDITOR can only publish it.
    It is needed else lot of spamming will be there.So this functionality will be alot help
    I hope something like this might have been definitely done with this plugin,so expecting a positive response…:)

    Does this work?

    .wpuf-post-form li div {
        width:100% !important;
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