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  • adrian_radic


    first i had wp 1.5 (default theme with no changes) and all of the sudden everytime one wrote a comment and clicked to post it they got a blank “wp-comments-post.php” page.

    I saw a newer version so i upgrated hoping it would fix it but it did not. I found other posts here that said either that the problem came just like in my case just like that but to those just like that it also went away. Others wich have modified the template were adviced to mind a change in the code and it worked for them but thei had earlyer versions with diffrend file names and I don’t realy know that much coding but html and css so i could’t tell if or how it would be in my case.

    Please, if anyone can help out here, do so. My blog is like this for almost a month now. It is at:

    thank you

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  • goljadkin


    I left a comment on your blog, and actually the wp-comments-post.php brought me to a blank page. This is a very annoying and very common wordpress bug: why did not anyone definetely fix the problem yet?? I’m in the same trouble and I can’t stand it anymore.

    I’ve installed WordPress dozens of times and I’ve never had this problem before. I wonder if uninstalling the recent version and installing an older version would help.

    I agree that you may try uninstall and then install again. When I had problems with a system I did this and most of the times it worked well. I do not know why.

    Same thing happened when I tried to post information to , it gave me some message that I do not understand well. I did it again, and it worked.


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