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    We manage a large number of sites, all of which use Sucuri.

    I’ve recently noticed an issue that only appears to be on a handful of these sites, but always the same ones.

    Essentially, within alert settings we’ve got the radio button for changes in post status set to ‘off’. However, after a week or so this always resets itself and we have to log back in and manually turn it off again.

    This is the only setting that’s being reset, and as I say is only happening on a small number of sites (about 3 regular culprits). For this reason I feel like there must be a pattern between them otherwise it would surely be happening on all sites, however so far I’ve been able to find any pattern.

    All affected sites:

    – Latest WP version
    – Latest Sucuri version
    – Different codebase
    – Different themes
    – Different plugins

    Any ideas?!

    If you need a login to any of the affected sites this can be arranged.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi, is anyone able to shed some light on this?

    Can someone please get back to me on this query? Thanks

    We’re seeing similar behaviour on our wordpress site as well. I setup a bunch of settings on production weeks ago. I went in today and everything has been “factory reset” back to its defaults. Not fun! Sucuri devs can you please investigate and follow up with us?

    Sucuri team, I could really do with a reply on this issue please as it’s becoming more and more of an issue.


    Josh Bedford


    Nearly 4 weeks without a reply. Can anyone advise please?

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