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  • I’m confused by your description of the problem. Can you give the site’s URL? Do you have a separate blog page and home page?

    Yes – the url is

    I’m trying to just show mindset posts on the home page, however if I hide other categories from the home page in the options, it also hides them on the news (blogroll) page.

    Thanks for sending the site. Is this URL: a “page” or a “post”? I think it is a “page” but I don’t think you can have a page with the same slug as a post or category. The system is getting confused with having multiple items called “news.” Does that make sense?

    It’s a page, with posts on it – like the blog roll page which displays posts.
    So I want to show all categories on that page, but just the mindset category posts on the homepage.

    I thought the plugin would be able to do that?

    How are you putting posts on a page? A WordPress “Page” is generally fairly static information, such as your “Work” or “Get in touch” page. A page is created and edited through the admin area, probably at . I’d guess your theme may be showing posts on your page? I need to know how the posts are being added to your Page so I can figure out where the problem is.

    For now, simply rename the “News” page to something else (even news-temporary would be ok) and see if what you’re trying to do starts to work. But I think the issue is probably going to be how your theme is adding posts to the page.

    I’ve tried renaming the news page but to no avail.

    What more can I give you to try and fix this? I’m losing the will to web design!

    It looks like renaming the news page to news-tem changed something. I’m seeing posts now on the news-tem Page.

    How are posts appearing on the news-tem Page? Is it the theme?

    I’m getting posts on that page, but it’s only showing mindset and I want it to show all posts.

    I want to show just mindset on the homepage and all categories on the news page.

    You’re not answering my question. How are posts appearing on that page (news-tem)? Are you using a plugin, or is the theme doing it? How posts are appearing will affect my answer to how to get it to work. As currently implemented, everything is working correctly, that is, everything is doing what it is told. Wee just need to figure out where to tweak to get what you want.

    Sorry Michael, the theme is doing it. I set the page template to blog overview. I’ve also set the news page as the blog page in the reading settings in wordpress.

    It’s been a long day and I’m probably not making any sense!

    Ok, so under Settings > Reading, the “Front page displays” “Your latest posts” . Correct?

    I have not ever used the Se7ent theme, so am not familiar with the “page template to blog overview” option. It may not matter. Do you have to define “template” on the “news-tem” page? Or is it just using the default template?

    Easy thing to explore for now. Change the site’s theme back to the 2012 (twenty twelve) and see what happens to the home page and the news-tem page.

    I think I know what to tell you to tweak in the Se7ent theme, but it will involved getting into the theme files and editing them. Is that something you can handle?

    Okay, I’ve switched to Twenty Twelve and it’s still excluding from the blog page.
    I’ve just noticed, I checked the box to hide other categories from the Main Page. I’m assuming now that this doesn’t reflect the home page, but the main blog page?
    There isn’t a box to exclude from the home page.

    I can tweak the Sevent theme via theme files if you think that will work?

    So you only have two categories right now, news and mindset. On the Settings > Category Exclusion, you have “news” checked in the “Exclude from Main Page?” column, correct?

    Is the template for the news-tem page “Default template”? It’s on the right of the page editor, in the Page Attributes box.

    What category number is mindset? Posts > Categories then put your mouse on the name of the category. The URL should appear at the bottom of your browser window. Look for tag_ID= The number after the equal is the category number.

    That’s correct – just two categories.

    The template for new-tem is Blog Overview. I can’t actually find the template in the Editor that correlates with that template.

    tag_ID=32 for mindset.

    Ok, let me explore a little on my test site here, and I’ll try to post the code you need to add/edit to your template file. Are you able to upload files directly to your server? Or can you only make changes through the WP editor?

    It’ll probably be Friday afternoon before I can get you the code. I already have plans this evening. Thanks for your patience. Mike

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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