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    Hello! …and thank u for your great plugin.
    I have an issue with posts carousel only in Firefox.
    When i navigate with buttons to older posts, if the preload of 10 articles ends (and until the next 10 set appears), if i press the right navigate button again, the carousel scrolls back to left.The same happens if i reach the end of posts.
    In chrome, even if i press the right navigate button the carousel waits (and that is the normal) until the next 10 posts load.
    Any help will be great!
    Please check it in my home page where i have 3 carousels.
    Thank u for your time!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author SiteOrigin


    Hi Nick

    Thanks for posting.

    I can recreate the issue on your site in Chrome but I can’t recreate the issue locally.

    Please, try a little troubleshooting to see if you can’t perhaps locate the cause. From Pages > Add New create a test page then from Page Builder in that page click Layouts > Clone: Pages and clone the home page. Next, check that the issue persists on the test page. If the issue does persist, try removing all widgets except the two Carousel widgets, does the problem continue? If so, try temporarily deactivating all non-SiteOrigin plugins in one go, does the issue persist in this state?

    Please, let us know how the above goes. Thanks for your help.

    @siteorigin Thank u for your suggestions. In test mode when deleted the 2 carousels the problem fixed.
    With three of theme exists.

    If there is only one carousel everything Ok. With 2nd or more the issue appears again…

    One more thing. This morning in my school’s computer in Chrome had no problem. Now in Chrome the problem is obvious (in my home’s computer). Strange things…

    Back again with new data.
    Just created from draft a new page with only one carousel, and nothing else. No widgets or anything else:
    Problem is here again!

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Hi Nick

    Thanks for the testing and feedback, it’s most appreciated. New posts won’t be loaded if there are already new posts loading. Trying to go past the new posts loading block will result in the loop looping. Is that perhaps what’s happening?

    @misplon Thank u Andrew, but this is something new and i don;t know for how long this happens. I can see the problem only in desktop if i click the nav buttons in carousel.
    But i’m sure that this happens nowadays.
    The normal for the plugin is when i forced it to go back it stopped and not moving until load next posts. The same when i reach to the end of carousel.
    You can test the behaviour in the first carousel in my homepage with title 2019-2020. When you reach the end, it stopped there. Now scrolls back in start. I hope that is clear.
    Thanks again for your time!

    One more thing. Till now if the left nav button pressed and the carousel was in start (i mean what you see when the page loads) the carousel didn’t move to the last post. Now left nav button goes from the recent post to the oldest post. This was not happening.
    I have carousel with 200 posts. Don’t want someone to go from recent 3 posts to the oldest posts.
    This is a carousel and now the behaviour is a loop that wasn’t before. Am i correct?
    Sorry for so many messages but really site origin is everything in my site! 🙂
    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    That’s an expected result based on the change that was made in the most recent version. I’ll chat to the team about the matter and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    Sorry, my replies are out of order, I was waiting for Dropbox to upload and didn’t send. Here is my reply to your previous message. Hopefully, it makes sense.

    Looping was added in 1.15.9, the most recent version. We added this feature after many requests over a period of time.

    The first carousel on your home page does loop for me, please, see my screencast.

    I agree that the looping shouldn’t occur until all posts have loaded. I’m chatting to the team and will hopefully have an issue logged on GitHub for you in the next day or so.

    Sorry for the hassle.

    @misplon Sorry that didn’t see that you added the loopin version. I can understand that you’ve made changes as request from users and that’s fantastic for your great plugin.
    i can understand that if someone goes back with right button and reaches the end, to loop from beggining, but not with the left nav button if is in the most recent post to return to the last post. i think a visitor that presses by mistake the left than the right button will be confused.
    Of course you’ll take the best decision for that and we’ll join with it.
    But i’m kindly asking you to think what happens if the carousel has over 100 posts than <10.
    Maybe an option for loop (ON/Off)?
    Thanks again for your great support!!!

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    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    For the time being is an easy way to go back to the previous Widgets Bundle version. If you have a method to take a backup first, it’s recommended.

    I’ve logged the following:

    I, unfortunately, can’t offer a timeline for these two issues to be attended to, they’re in a queue with other items more important or logged for a longer period of time.

    Rolling back would be a quick way to resolve the issue until we can offer a setting and or improve the behavior.

    I’ll wait! Thank u very much!!!

    Plugin Author Andrew Misplon


    For sure, thanks for your understanding. WP Rollback is a very quick option if you change your mind.

    @misplon Thank u Andrew. I’ve just rolled back and everything works perfect.
    Don’t know if i’m the only one in community that 1.15.8 fits exactly my needs, but it would be great to think of me in next updates!
    For sure the ON/OFF in looping would make all of us happy!
    Thanks again for your support and help!
    The team here is awesome!!!

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