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  1. quig2000
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, I am using post by email. I am using it sent from a form to my blog through email.
    I am wanting a shortcode that ignores some of the fields below the message that are inserted in the email so they will not get posted.

    For example: In my form I have address, phone number, and comments. But the form includes all of these in the email one after the other. I need a way to exclude some of the fields like phone and address from the published post but I need them to stay in the (admin will only see) post for reference if I need to get to them to contact people.

    On wordpress.com they use the [end] shortcode but that is one they created and I can not figure out how to exclude part of the post.

    Any help would be great, Thanks

  2. Eddie
    Posted 6 years ago #

    use postie for advanced post by email functions.

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