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  • Adrian


    Jetpack’s new Post by Email looks great.

    I would like to be able to authorise several different people to be able to post by email.

    From the settings, it looks as though any email to the post by email address would be identified as coming from the same author.

    Or is it possible to identify different posts-by-email as coming from different authors?

    Obviously you could ask them to put their names in the text – butI’m looking for something automatic.


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  • sigidisig


    I second that!

    Looks good but I’m a bit concerned about what to do with multiple authors.
    Maybe a code in the email regarding the author? Or can we link the same account multiple time to the site? Or does it have to be different accounts? I am concerned that this will slow down the site….

    Hope someone clever, know the answer 🙂



    I was thinking it would be good to have several post by email addresses associated with a single blog/website so that there could be several contributors without the need for shared email addresses.

    For example, if one contributor moved on, the post-by-email address which that person had been using could be invalidated without affecting the other contributors.



    hi adriandw. how do you use the the jetpack post-by-email plugin? have you tried joining another account to another username? best regards sigidisig



    I was trying to figure out a way for an admin account to authorise other users to post by email.

    That doesn’t seem to be possible

    But you are right, another registered user of the site can edit his/her profile to connect that id to and then can activate and use post by email.
    Which is what I wanted..

    Hopefully the jetpack plugin will do all the right things – for example if that user is deleted from the site I’d expect the associated post by email address to be deleted.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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