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  • i created a user as a test with level 2 priveleges, and made a post with the account… now the css is gone wrong (only in internet exporer though)

    it was fine before, the css was cross browser compatible. but if a post is made with a user account then the css changes somehow…

    i’m wondering whether it’s something to do with the php in the wordpress system.. and how a user post is created, but i don’t know how it works..

    i’m hoping that someone here might know what’s going on?

    thanks in advance.

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  • Validating the page shows that you have a couple of errors in the HTML. They could cause the odd behaviour in IE. First of all, you’re missing the closing </body> and </html> tags. Second, you have several <div id="topcontent">s and IDs have to be unique.

    So I’m guessing IE can’t contain the post area in the correct width because of the errors. (Or it could just be IE’s differing opinion on how paddings and margins are done…)

    fewww, thanks. i’ll reexam my code. geez this is hard work! getting rid of every little bug.. aaackk..

    the thing is that it worked fine before i made a post with the user account i created…

    ok… my page is now completely valid, but no difference in the width of the central section

    what’s going on??

    OK, that is weird. Would you mind putting the post by a different user back so we could take another look? Unless that site is up and running, so to speak, and you don’t want oddities showing.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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