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  • Hello

    Like everyone else here I have upgraded to 2.8 and have come up against a very crutial flaw. The text box where you write your blog posts and pages seems to make the text white [invisible] but if I click in the box and select all, the text is there like it should be.

    As you can imagine, this is a real problem as you cannot see what you are writing and where your writing it!

    By default, I always disable the visual text editor because it’s a pain in the butt but the ‘invisible’ text shows up if you do enable it in the admin options. I, and many others, do not want to use the visual editor so how do we get round this problem?

    Thanks, Gemma

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  • I am experiencing this same problem on two separate WP blogs. Not only is the copy invisible, but there are other weird problems (the formatting bar disappears, and tags appear in the visual editor if you switch to HTML and back).

    Thanks for posting that info. I followed the re-install instructions but that didn’t fix it. So I proceeded with de-activating all the 50 odd plug ins I had installed [not happy!] but found it to be the Default Post Content plug in.

    Many people are reporting other plug ins doing the same so it looks like that’s the only way forward at the moment.

    Hey Gemma –

    I’m the Default Post Content plugin author – I’d be happy to get the plugin up to speed, but I can’t seem to duplicate the problem – if you can let drop me a line at and give me some help in duplicating it, I’d greatly appreciate it (I see that you emailed me already, but the return email address you used doesn’t look real, so I figured I’d try to get in touch with you here).


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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