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Post Author to Specific Category

  • Hi All,

    I’ve searched the entries and found a lot of similar problems, but no concrete answer.

    We have a web site with a number of contributors. Each contributor has their own “blog” section on our site. I looked at Limit Cats and Role Manager and they really don’t do what we need.

    We need Author A to only be able to post (and see when writing) their own category. Author B would should only be able to post (and see when writing) their own category.

    Role Manager is good to limit what authors and contributors can do only.

    Limit Cats for some reason still shows all of the categories and lets a contributor post in any category they like regardless of the settings.

    The problem is, as I’m sure other people in this situation have found out, you cannot rely on the author selecting their own category themselves. As 95% of all problems occur on the user level, we want to minimize that.

    If the Limit Cats should work, but doesn’t, I’d be willing to pay someone if the version I just downloaded is outdated so this can work.

    Please HELP! 🙂


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