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  1. luffer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Can anyone explain why posts created by the admin are being attributed to one of the authors and not the admin?

    Before I added any authors to the site, all posts were attributed to the admin. But since I added two authors, all posts by the admin are attributed to the first author (alphabetically). Why is this?

    When authors log-in they have posts automatically attributed to themselves correctly. Why doesn't this happen for the admin as well? Looking at the "Post Author" panel, admin isn't even listed as an option. I have no way of assigning posts to myself!

    Please help....

  2. Abdessamad Idrissi
    Posted 5 years ago #

    by MichaelH (Moderator)
    "..Another solution for this in the past has been to create a new user with adminstrator role (e.g. 'newadmin'), delete the 'admin' user and assign all posts to the 'newadmin' user. Then if necessary create 'admin' again and then delete the 'newadmin' user you created before, and assign the posts again to 'admin'.."

    this is a bug in WP that should be urgently be fixed.

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