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  1. WashteGila
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It seems that there are a lot of different answers to the same question. That question being "how do I get a post's author's name to appear in the post." Since many say, it depends on the theme, I'll ask the same question here. Please and thank you.

  2. Looking at the custom community demo, it looks like the link to the author appears on the single post template - http://custom-community-pro.themekraft.com/2010/12/img-left-content-right/

    Is that not working on your site?

    Can you provide a link to yours?

  3. WashteGila
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Appreciate your responding. I think the greater problem is that my crash course in WP and templates and loops and etc etc was very short, and at this point a long time ago when I first started doing this about 6 months ago. Before that, my last adventure into interneting this and that, well, shtml was new! And since then I've been doing a full time job And starting a business. Ok, I found my single.php file, but I didn't see the <?php the_author(); ?> that I believe I am supposed to be looking for nor did I find the the_title that others have said I need to find and adjust into the <?php the_author(); ?>. Where do I actually manipulate "tags"? Is it in code, or in some menu/panel?

  4. Full Circle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    With the CC theme, buddypress needs to be installed.

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