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  • Hi all

    I’ve racked my brains and looked through the forum but I can’t figure out how to fix this. Somehow the link structure for the author and the date of a new post has gone askew.

    The background – I have created a site called by taking the twentyten theme and customising it to suit requirements. I have the following plugins activated:

    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Nextgen Gallery
    Slimbox Plugin
    W3 Total Cache

    The easiest way to explain the problem is if you visit the website

    As it’s a new site there’s only one post.

    If you hover the mouse over the date “August 30th, 2011” or the author’s name “Snuffy” you will see that the URL which WordPress is generating is called: of twentyten/

    But I’m not using the theme twentyten and the “Copy of twentyten” theme was what I created WAY back at the beginning of the project before I renamed the theme elbowroom.

    Also, if you go to the Category “latest news” then you can see the same thing happening there.

    I have tried recreating the post (which is why this one has the slug new-website-2) and I’ve changed and re-changed the permalink structure but neither of these work.

    Please can someone guide me to the correct place to correct this URL structure? And if anyone has any tips on how to stop it happening in the first place that would be much appreciated.

    Yours gratefully

    Rob G

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