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  • hi
    when i make new posts,
    they are added on the main page, but they are small, you need to press the small icon on the right so it get’s bigger
    how do i make it big on default?

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  • anyone?

    Got a link for us to look at?

    What is the font-size you are using when you’re posting your posts?

    Also you may check your text-size setting if you are using Internet Explorer as a browser.
    what i mean is not that they are small, they are like reduced and you see only the title

    This is a theme issue. The theme you are using posts your posts like such. You would have to take a closer-look at the coding in your theme. This has nothing to do with font size. Your post aren’t small. They are just hidden, hence when you press that button at the side they appear.

    You have to identify what is hiding your posts, probably start looking here: jquery.js

    Since your template is designed so the posts are hidden like that, you’d have to do quite a bit of tweaking in order to get those posts to show up.

    oki got it^^
    thanks for your help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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