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  • The old posts still exist — because the CATEGORY archive links DO operate and deliver the old posts.

    But the MONTHLY archive links yield a No File Found error page.

    This problem came into being with the upgrade to 2.8.

    How do I fix this?

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  • I would try re-building the permalink structure in your admin panel. It may just need to re-generate the links.

    Thanks for the thought.

    But looking at my permalinks page under Settings on the WP dashboard, I don’t see how to “rebuild” old links.

    The Permalink pages offers options for CHANGING the link formats. I don’t want to do that, however, to avoid making obsolete all the existing links in the universe to my old posts.


    You don’t need to change them, just click ‘Save Changes’ again.

    Well, thanks again for the encouragement.

    I did the SAVE CHANGES update.

    Now the monthly archives, when clicked, go to a perfectly blank white page, rather than the error message.

    And the htaccess file seems to have the code the WP Permalinks page says should be there.

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    One problem I’ve seen with htaccess files is that multiple copies of the permalink rewrite can end up in the file and conflict with each other. Check to see if there is extra rewrite blocks, or get a fresh copy of it by deleting the contents of the file and resaving it from in WordPress.

    I’ve updated since last post from 2.8 to 2.8.2 hoping that might solve the problem.

    No luck there.

    The primary htaccess file mirrors the WP Dashboard Permalink page suggestion precisely.

    But there are other htaccess files in subordinate folders of the WordPress section of my site that contain nothing but Error Messages …

    Does anyone know if every single htaccess file in the WP universe should contain the code given on the WP Dashboard Permalink page?

    Perhaps I’ll try swapping that code into all of them and see what happens ,…

    My server host fellow suggests the problem is that the files that constitute my Theme, which are three years old, do not sync with the updated 2.8 WordPress system.

    My theme is precious. I don’t want to dump it.

    So I am loooking into those Theme files for the commmand code that creates pages when people click on the Monthly Archive buttons.

    My hope is to recognize the command, find it providing mistaken URL formats, and tweak it to sync back up to WPress 2.8 …

    Does anybody happen to know WHICH file types I should be looking in?

    (There ARE several htaccess files … They contain nothing but error messages …)

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    The URL you might need to fix should be in the archive.php file

    htaccess files in other than the root folder should only contain stuff like this:

    <files .htaccess>
    order allow,deny
    deny from all
    ServerSignature Off
    Options All -Indexes

    What kind of error messages are in them?

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