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  • Coincidence or not, after upgrading to two days ago I have come under a sustained comment/trackback spam attack. Prior to, I received almost no spam at all over the course of four months running WordPress.

    Is anyone else having the same experience? Since included an XML-RPC security fix, I’m suspicious.

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  • Mark (podz)


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    Attacks come and go … or so I remember. After I installed nothing really happens like that 🙂

    Did you have an antispam plugin that got disabled during the upgrade? Did you deactivate and reactivate all of them?

    I haven’t needed any antispam plugins before since I barely received any spam after switching to WordPress from MT.

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    Same happenned to me! Since the upgrade from B2 about 4 months ago, I received only a couple of spams, from yesterday, when I had my WordPress upgraded to, I’ve received over 10 spam comments!




    andri: navigate to the forum to which your question belongs. At the bottom of the list of current threads is the form you use to start a new topic.




    Bad Behavior has kept my site spam-free since I installed it.

    I have update two blogs to without any spam problems. One is a new WP blog, the other has been online for about a year and has spam prevention in place. When I moved from b2 to WP, I didn’t get any spam for awhile but it eventually started and even though all my comments were moderated, the spammers hit me anyway, often looking for my b2 files.

    The upgrade has nothing to do with you getting hit now. It just took awhile for the spammers to update their spam scripts with your blog’s WP files. If you are still using the same host and domain, you should be able to see your logs and they will tell you if the spammers were hitting your site with your old blog scripts info. That’s how I know they were trying to hit me with my old b2 prefixes.

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    As stated here twice (three times, now), spam attacks come and go. Some are relaxed, and some are fierce. You just need to have the right preventative measure in place in order to protect your blog. This article will help:

    You are just becoming popular 😉

    Everyone has their own medicine against comment spam. Here is mine. Recently I upgraded to It didn’t affect anything wrt. comment spams. They are still at zero. In fact I have observed that apparently the spammers have given up hope on my blogs and moved elsewhere.

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