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    Pixel Caffeine is possibly the better Pixel plugin that you should be using right now and here are 5 reasons why.

    * Easiest Facebook Pixel integration. — You don’t need to be given Business Admin access to set up. As long as you have Developer’s access (or Ad Manager Account access), all you need is to push the Facebook Connect button, select the Ad Account, and done.

    * No need to feel forced to set up Product Catalog and Instagram before the Pixel can be implemented. — The official plugin is like battling a boss battle that requires you to set up both Product Catalog and Instagram (that’s if you can get past the first stage of having the Business Admin to give you the correct access and even get to connect with the Page at all; not all businesses who just got started with Facebook ads know how to give the correct access. Developer access isn’t enough). Pixel Caffeine allows you to create the Product Catalog at your own convenience, without the hassle of having everything set up from the get-go.

    * Conversions API (server to server). — It’s already implemented under General Settings > Server Side Tracking, with a quick link to where you can generate your token to be added for this to work. Also includes event logs (for debugging) and AJAX tracking (for sites with caching enabled).

    * Custom Audiences and Conversions/Events tracking. — Maybe you’ve created a new Product Category, or a new blog post, you can easily create the custom audience or conversions/event tracking in the WordPress dashboard conveniently and without the need to hop over to the Ad Manager to get the job done.

    * WooCommerce Conversions. — Under General Settings, toggle on the DPA that you want tracked, and the values will get picked up by Facebook Pixel. Easy.

    I believe this plugin is being maintained and supported by one developer, which is probably why there’s a lot of unresolved topics and also brought up through a few poor ratings.

    You will still see several active issues in your Facebook Ads Manager (most likely an approximate 10 if you are using WooCommerce) which was also occurring on the official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin too before I switched to Pixel Caffeine.

    If you are helping friends or mom-and-pop businesses to set-up Facebook Pixel for their brand new WooCommerce stores (which you are also probably the one managing), or looking for the simplest way to have Facebook Pixel implemented on a WooCommerce website, Pixel Caffeine is the plugin that you’ll need.

    Did I mention that Pixel Caffeine is also *ahem* … FREE?

    Alright. Let’s hope that there’s a way to fix those active issues that Facebook keeps on showing in the Pixel diagnostics. 🙂


    Oct 2021 — Plugin deprecated. Plugin author’s announcement below.

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