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  • Hello,

    I’m working on a distributed video re-encoder software. It receives videos on a format and encodes it in one or more target-formats. For example, from quicktime to flash video.

    It’s accessable via xmlrpc, data-communication is via http-get and http-put. So nothing too fancy, but for a few days I got it working without glitches and I was wondering, if you guys would like to host videos directly on your blog.
    I could write a wordpress plugin, you would upload your video to your wordpress blog, the plugin would find a suitable encoding server (means, it can scale to a lot of encoding servers… ok, I just got two right now, but it’s with a minimal overhead, so it should scale pretty well) and send the video there. After a while, the encoding server responds, sends the video back (http-post) to the blog which it originated and the plugin .. well does something with it, lets you put it in a post and or or … 😉

    I got this working with a php-based client. The serverside is written in java, but uses a native ffmpeg executable to encode. I was wanting to use mencoder too, to cover more formats, but didn’t have the time yet.

    You can set pretty much any encoding option you’d like, like dimensions (size, with keeping the aspect ratio), bitrate, channels etc.etc.

    Please let me know if you’d like to use a plugin like that. I’m not sure if there’s really a need for that, uhm 😉

    Edit: Besides the post-max-size there’s nothing you need to take care of in the client, in the blog. i.E., it does _not_ call ffmpeg or mencoder on the blog via php, instead it sends the data to a java-server that does that for you. It does mean, your video travels away from you and comes back, but it doesn’t stay available online on another site.

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