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  • Hi all,

    I’ve got a couple of wordpress sites up and running using the Prosense theme.

    I want to make further changes to the theme, e.g. convert from fixed to fluid, change sidebars, and a bunch of other things. Or I may even change themes.

    Because I’m still a newbie at this, I tend to work by trial and error, and sometimes when I make changes I end up with a mess of new problems to fix.

    As I don’t want my visitors to land on the site in the midst of these changes, I’d like to be able to work on an offline version that I could simply upload when done.

    I saw somewhere that developers often work on WordPress offline, from installations on their computers.

    Is this possible when working on a Mac running 0S 10.4.11?

    Is a lot of hard disk space required?

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  • I run successfully my wp on a Linux system.
    You need a web server installed on yours (for Mac OS should be Leopard if I’m not wrong). The space requirement is quite minimum.

    Thanks, it sounds like my computer is not compatible, as I still have Tiger OS.

    I could be wrong about the name.
    Anyway search for a Mac OS web server.

    Oh, you should already have Apache installed!

    Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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    I don’t know MAC OS but probably your web server should be called from the console (command prompt); on Linux OS works in that way…
    if you have no familiarity with command prompt you should find someone who help you to do it (mac os forums for example).

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    I do local dev under OS X all the time. OS X is FreeBSD Linux. Everything lutetia needs is at that link, as well as MAMP: Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

    Thanks, songdogtech, that’s very helpful,

    This is great. I’m doing the installation now.
    The widget asks if I want to use PHP 4 or PHP 5. The instructions in the first link above say to choose PHP 4.
    As my site server where I’ll be uploading files runs on PHP 5, is it OK to use PHP 5? I’m running Mac OS 10.4.11

    OK, so I selected PHP 5 and it seems fine…

    Now, continuing with these instructions, I have downloaded and installed wordpress and modified the wp-config-sample.php file.

    MAMP gave me port 3306 instead of 8889 as in the example. Is that OK?

    Also, if I want to work offline on my existing site, do I just download a back up of that site and put it into the htdocs folder?

    “Next you need to open http://localhost:8888/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php. Once it’s done you will be given a username and password. “

    Should I create new login and p/w or can I use the same as my online site?

    Sorry for all these questions… I want to make sure I’m doing this right.

    (the wordpress installation screen asks me if I want my blog to appear in search engines: certainly not! Which is why I’m wondering if I’m doing things correctly….)


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    Hope php5 works OK; other people say it’s a bit of a hack under 10.4.11 and apache 1.2, but if you’ve gottne this far, it should be OK.

    The different port is OK as that’s what MAMP uses. Turn on personal web sharing in the Sharing Pref Pane. You might have to open port 3306 in the firewall.

    If you want to duplicate your online site on your Mac, you have to export the databse and import it locally and also download the theme. It’s too much trouble to do that, really, as you’re going to have to search and replace URLs in the database for it to work locally and move wordpress as outlined here: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex.

    You can use the same login password as online, and that will help if you export locally and then import online. But you will need to use blog info functions Template Tags/bloginfo « WordPress Codex in your theme files in order for you not to have to replace localhost URLs going from local to online.

    You’re local, so search egnines don’t matter. You should get your local login/password email, as emailing is a php function.

    Thanks… I downloaded my site files but have not been able to get this to work.

    My files are stored in a folder “” , which I downloaded. I then put it in the htdocs folder and renamed it to “mydomain”, alongside the new local wordpress installation carried out earlier. I even tried replacing the contents of the wordpress folder with the contents of my site folder, but that didn’t help.

    I may start all over tomorrow. it’s not clear to me how I can get my existing files recognized….

    I’ll check that link you provided about the localhost URLs….

    In the meantime, I have at least succeeded in importing my existing blog’s theme file into my local version of wordpress. At least that’s a start that will allow me to play with the CSS code offline, and then copy and paste it into my online site when ready.

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